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About PANN

PANN is a Dutch foundation that has been active since 1969 to support the emancipation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. PANN is known for its accessible 'straight friendly' gay parties and is completely run by volunteers. PANN's board consists of Mandy Tilleman (president), Gerke van Kooten (secretary) and Josine Kamperman (general board member). We've compiled some basic information about PANN on this page.

Every Month in Utrecht

The famous PANN Parties in Utrecht, who doesn’t know them? Every third Saturday of the month PANN organize a party in TivioliVredenburg. Straight friendly Gay Parties for 16 year and older. Everybody is welcome: young, old, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight. Our DJs make sure you have a great LGBTI+ party, and will take care you can go nuts on the hottest pop & dance hits from the 90’s till the 10’s! 

PANN goes On Tour

Several times per year PANN travels to another city in Belgium and the Netherlands. Every year we try to search for diversity between the locations: from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague till Antwerp or Gent. Off course we will get you a fully PANN experience, with: good vibes, hot tunes and a party that will go loose till the late hours. Check our agenda on or (for the Dutch parties) to see when we are in your neighbourhood. 


PANNDORA – Indoor Gay Festival

Once a year PANN turns Utrecht into the biggest Indoor Gay Festival of Europe: PANNDORA. PANNDORA is a full experience festival: when you enter with your ticket, you will enter another world. We have different areas with there own music style (from PANN music till EDM) and a performance of a famous artist, you can choose what mood you’re in. 



PANN was founded in 1969 by students who felt their city didn’t offer enough for LGBT youth. At the time homosexual affairs were still illegal in the Netherlands between minors and adults. The Dutch Association for Integration of Homosexuality (COC) therefore didn’t allow membership under the age of 21. PANNs founders decided to create a society with an event every Tuesday evening. Shortly thereafter in the seventies this society grew with its own PANN Party to integrate different groups in Dutch society.

At the same time PANN was actively involved in the gay rights movement. It was not afraid to demonstrate at the Binnenhof in the Hague, hold group marriages in front of the City Hall in Utrecht and unite against the conservative cardinal Simonis.

In the eighties and nineties however PANN changed, stopping its radical campaigning in favour of granting funds to others as the foundation it is to this day. PANN became a lobbying foundation for the public, politicians and other interest groups.


At the start of the millennium PANN greatly increased in popularity. Besides the (monthly) parties it also started to organise festivals. Its attendants grew from hundreds to thousands and PANN started to profile itself more and more as a professional and decisive organisation. Its social activities roared once again, not only by supporting others, but also by hosting events itself.

In 2007 PANN started to host parties in other cities in the Netherlands besides Utrecht to unburden the popular parties in its home city. During its 40 year anniversary in 2009 this came down to twelve parties throughout the country. PANNs anniversary was celebrated by hosting the very first ‘GigaPANN’ at City Hall square in Utrecht.

Pink Saturday

PANN continued to evolve and grow the years following its anniversary. With a historically high amount of volunteers and its popular parties PANN decided to take on a new challenge: hosting the Dutch Pink Saturday in 2013. PANN created a modern event that attracted youth and brought positive visibility to 55 thousand visitors; creating the most visited Pink Saturday in the history of the event.


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PANN Foundation is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, our number is: 41180980.

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