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Get ready for Magic, Glitter & Fairy Dust. During the Antwerp Pride, PANN will trow the hottest after party! On Saturday, 11th of August we’ll organize our first international party in Belgium at Club Ampere. What can you expect? Rainbows, Unicorns and a lot of Hot & Sexy Sweetness. In short: The hottest Gay & Lesbian Party of Antwerp!

Dance on Pop & Dance Hits from the 90’s till the 10’s.

PANN: Feel Free!
PANN is a Dutch Gay Party from Utrecht. Every month we organize Gay Parties throughout the Netherlands and now also Belgium. You’re welcome from the age of 16 year.

Buy Tickets
Buy your PANN tickets easily online. The pre sale starts a month before the party begins. We have three types of tickets: Early Birds,  Regular Birds and Flexi Birds. With the Early and Regular Birds, you have to be inside before 12:00 PM. With the Flexi Bird tickets you have to be inside before 02:00 AM. The time on the ticket is strictly adhered to.

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